Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UA Retiring "The Guppy" today! :(

Today United Airlines is retiring their Boeing 737 fleet.

This truly marks the end of an era, as they have been using 737s for the past 41 years! And I have fallen in love with their 737s, because I have practically grown up on them! Sure, I have said numerous bad things about the condition of their 737s (basically always dirty, and I usually find a way to hurt myself whenever flying on one!), but I grew up on them, and will miss them.

I wonder how UA's domestic fleet will be after today...they really don't have anything besides their A319/A320s, 757s and 767s for their domestic fleet....oh, I forgot, they will probably contract everything out to UAX. Won't it be a ton of fun riding a CRJ-700 (or -200!) for a 3 hour flight?

Anyways, I just wanted to mention today's event of UA's retirement of the 737!

Flickr Photo Credit: PSR Man

Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF Video -- Amazing Air Asia!

This week's video is an energetic ad from the super-amazing Air Asia! Air Asia is an LCC based in Malaysia, and it over the past few years it has really taken off and expanded like crazy! This ad is a couple years old, but it shows the SPIRIT (Sorry, that is one of those things you do when you're a WN Nut-Case!) of Air Asia.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

jetWhite....err, jetBlue reveals new livery--not much change!

Today, after us airline geeks have been speculating for so long, jetBlue came out with it's new livery....and, well.....not what all of us were expecting.

Sure, we have said that this change won't be huge, and we've speculated on items that they will change (such as their euro-white fuselage!)

They didn't do much, besides making billboard style titles, changing the color of the winglets, and taking out the "www." on their engines, so they could make "" in a larger font.

I'm happy with the increase of their font size for their fuselage though, but I am really disappointed that they decided to stick with the traditional "euro-white" that many airlines have been moving towards. I don't have much of an issue, because I still think that it does look really nice, but it would be cool if they could do something to set themselves apart! (and yes...I know, it would be additional money for them to paint in any other color besides white)

I think that this livery looks good, but I am really hoping that the tail design doesn't get applied to the entire fleet.....look at it! It doesn't even look finished!

Photo Credit: JetBlue Flickr Page

Saturday, October 10, 2009

JetBlue to adopt new livery!

There is a rumor going around that JetBlue will introduce a new livery that will come out on Tuesday to commemorate their 10th anniversary, and it is expected to be a fleet-wide change.

I wonder what it will be? Will it be a fully revised paint job? or just a small alteration? (like what Air Tran did a few years ago) ....or will it be a blue tail, with a yellow circle and a bird??? (Lufthansa! ftw!

I actually really like their current livery, and don't see the need to change it. Hopefully they will add something more to their Euro-White fuselage though! :)

Flickr Photo Credit: TVL1970

Friday, October 9, 2009

TGIF Video -- Features

This week's video is a new Continental commercial that is really cool!

It makes CO seem to be very luxurious, and amazing!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Trans States Airways is the first US carrier to buy the MRJ!

Today, Trans States Airways (A somewhat mid-sized US regional carrier operating for AA, UA, and HP) placed a firm order for 50 Mitsubishi Regional Jets (MRJs)

The MRJ can give about 800-2,000 nm of range (depending on engine variant), and can seat about 100 people.

The first flight for the MRJ, commercially operating for an airline, is expected to be in 2014! (assuming no delays)

TGIF Video -- We're Still the One!

Frontier Airlines released a new commercial on their first day out of bankruptcy! It looks like Republic Airways will not stop Frontier's amazing commercials, and I am really happy to be seeing some new ones after about a year of no new content! :)

This commerical is just our favorite F9 animals singing a song, but it is still a great commercial!

Enjoy! :)