Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Docu-series "Fly Girls" set to take off on the CW!

The CW television network announced a partnership with Virgin America to produce a tv show called "Fly Girls", going over the lives of many Virgin America flight attendants. I wonder if this will be anything like any of the other shows following the lives of airline employees?

Does anybody remember "Airline" or "Flight Attendant Training School"? I was in love with those two shows! I don't really know how good this show will be, but I look forward to seeing it.

Since this show will air on the CW, instead of A&E or the Discovery Channel, I think this show will be targeted more towards women than aviation geeks. But I still wonder how exactly the day-to-day life of a Virgin America flight attendant goes, so I think this show can be successful.

A quote from the VX facebook page:
“This show is about real, down-to-earth young women who happen to have landed in an exceptionally glamorous, high-flying career filled with exotic locations and handsome strangers,” said Kristen Vadas, Senior Vice President, Alternative Programming, The CW. “We’re thrilled to be working with Virgin America for this unique peek into a whirlwind lifestyle that shows how tough it is to be grounded when you work 35,000 feet in the air.”
Photo Credit: "Virgin America's First Flight: Flight Attendants"

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