Saturday, July 11, 2009

JetAmerica delays start date

JetAmerica has delayed the day it is going to begin its date of operations.

If you guys don't know about is a brief summary of what they are. They are a start-up airline that plans to offer nine seats for $9 on each flight. Their flights will be operated by Miami Air, and they are planning on selling seats as a public charter until they can become a fully independent part 121 carrier.

Anyways, Jet America was originally supposed to start July 13th, but now it is pushed to August 14th.

Why did they do that??? Well, they were having some slot issues with Newark.

Here is what they said in an email sent out to all of their customers who are affected:

Dear JetAmerica Customer, First, we thank you for your support in purchasing a ticket on Sun America d/b/a JetAmerica ("JetAmerica"). Unfortunately, however, you are receiving this notice to inform you that due to landing slot issues in Newark, that we are going to have to delay our first flights 30 days until August 14th.

When we started planning your flight months ago, we were not required as an Indirect Air Carrier to have landing and takeoff slots at Newark's Liberty International Airport; however, due to recent policy clarifications, even Indirect Air Carriers now have to have slots into and out of Newark. We just found out about this on May 30th and have been working hard to acquire the slots from the FAA and other airlines; but, as of today, not all the paperwork has been prepared for our signature guaranteeing our arrival and departure slots in July and early August.

I guess my plans of flying into the ever-so-interesting town of Toledo, Ohio for $9 before school starts are ruined.... :|

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