Sunday, July 19, 2009

My luggage tag collection

I collect pretty much everything with an airline logo on it, and one of the biggest items which I collect are airline luggage tags! Every time I go to the airport I always walk around the ticket counters and pick these up!

Here is a small part of my collection of luggage tags. First is my collection of domestic (US & Canadian tags)

Next is my collection of International & special luggage tags.

All of these luggage tags are special because they are ones I usually don't see, and all of them were given to me by friends, relatives, teachers and airlines.

The ones on the botttom are plastic luggage tags, and the three on the left are from Southwest, the Skybus one is signed by their former CEO, Bill Diffenderffer, and then I have a Delta one with their new logo.

The row above that is filled with airlines that are no longer with us: America West, Song, and Trans World.

Above that are two luggage tags that are pre-9/11. On top of those are my very special luggage tags, because they are from airlines I don't usually see, or they are really unique. The Virgin America tag is in that collection, because it is signed by former VX CEO Fred Reid on the back!

Then the top row is really special to my collection, because they are from airlines that are really hard to get in the United States-- Cathay Pacific, and Pakistan International. Then the blue tag to the right of the PIA one is probably the most unique in my collection. It is from the Original Frontier Airlines!

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