Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nobody serves our republic like Republic!

While the old Republic Airlines of the 70's and 80's is history, the new Republic Airways is growing and making a ton of changes! They have a route network that can now serve our country a whole lot better because they recently bought out two of my favorite airlines: Midwest and Frontier!

While I didn't have many feelings for Frontier (besides loving their humorous commercials!), their buy out of Midwest really affected a lot of my friends.

A couple of my friends had parents who used to work for Midwest Airlines, and they were laid off due to the tough economic environment.

I've really seen Midwest go through some really drastic changes that I never thought would be happening. I never expected them to partner with Republic and to get rid of their 717s, but I guess that is what they need to do in order to survive.

A couple days ago an announcement came out that they will start using the EMB-135!!! Seriously? I'm sure it would look nice in the YX livery, but I am very sad to hear that they went from The best care in the air using a fleet of MD-80s and 717s, and now all they are using is a bunch of regional jets!!!

I really hope that Republic can fix YX and F9, and let them remain independant and strong brands!

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  1. I would add that the 135s are for only a few routes. Also, the 190s that will take over for the 717s have the same seat width (not including first class) as the 717 and can also be equipped with first class seating (not sure if that is the plan or not). Most importantly, however - NO MIDDLE SEAT!! I'll take a smaller cabin if I'm not sacrificing seat width and will never risk being stuck in between to hefties ;-)